Current PhD topic proposals are updated in this document. The PhD Programme in Computer Science, University of Hertfordshire announces the application procedures and various topics and supervisors and joint supervision are announced here

My Publications are listed in this page.

My current research areas:

  • Network analysis and modelling.
  • Complex systems and game theory.
  • Graphics, Audio, Image & Video or generally signal processing.
  • Artificial Intelligence, deep learning.
  • Big Data & high dimensional (Tensor) Computing.
  • Parallel & Distributed Computing.
  • Optimisation Techniques & Combinatorial Algorithms.
  • Various Domains’ Ontologies building approaches.
  • Bioinformatics and computational science in general.

Research Experiences:

Surrey Research Fellow Position From February 2018 to August 2018:

Music Source Separation comparative study of various approaches such as NMF, Multivariate Analysis including Independent Component Analysis (ICA), Duet algorithm, Sparse Component Analysis, Dictionary Learning and Deep learning methods such as CNN and RNN models. Participated in the Signal Separation Evaluation Campaign (SiSEC 2018).

Brunel Research Fellow Position From December 2016 to July 2017:
Technologies used: MS Visual Studio C#, SolidWorks APIs, Neo4j, Alchemy.js, D3.js, OpenGL, probably will need OpenCL soon.

  1. Design Image Semantic Descriptors using ontology represented in Graph Databases for Engineering Drawings
  2. 3D graphics to summarise patents database search results scored on similarity with current Design Document in SolidWorks.

UCL Research Associate Position from June 2016 to December 2016:
Administrative Data Analytics such as:

  1. Extracting cohorts from HES datasets based on various diagnosis (ICD-10) and procedures codes (OPCS),
  2. Analysing multiway analysis such as co-morbidity and mortality by age groups, location, and any required variable (hospital codes, praticitioner, … etc)
  3. Analyse Data Missing Values patterns and Hence selection of identifiers
  4. Finished parametrizable code to extract datasets on Down Syndrome cohort in HES that can be generalised to any cohort
  5. Attended training on various types of regression analysis, linkage methods from statistical point of view (very relevant to record linkage with fuzy rules in database management), Hospital Records as Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) – the English standards.

Part time Research Assistant, mARC funded project , APAI linkage grant with EICU, for FBE, UNSW, Sydney, Australia, 2012

Migrating a 3D structure from motion project from standalone windows application to AWS cloud of GPU linux instances.

Research Fellow, University of Sydney, April 2008 to Jan 2011

Applying my PhD work to bacterial and viral sequences optimal alignments on HPC. Building a clinical microbiology database for the identification of virulent genes/genomes and the analysis of genetic/drug interactions. Building data modeling and visualization tools using Matlab, applying various machine learning techniques such as clustering algorithms and PCA.

My MSc and PhD research work developed a library for high dimensional datasets (hypercube or tensors) data structure representation and indexing, using the conformal computing – Mathematics of Arrays (MoA) constructs. I developed a hyper-cube partitioning scheme for parallel processing, and applied it to the Multiple Sequence Alignment problem, using a reduced search space method.

My Distributed MSA:

Research Resources:
Searching Research Journals
1. UKRI Funding Finder 

2. World-Wide Universities

  • Funded Research Projects
  • Fulbright
  • FP7
  • Marie Curie

3. Industrial Research & Development

  • Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and other specialised companies announce research funding and sponsorships

To research students, please download this researchPack. It is old, but still relevant and I might not update it. I just collected information from other sources in one zip file. File names are ordered in the order you should read them in. At least read “0_researchAdvices” document. It will guide you through other readings when needed, and if needed.

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