Change Dynamics

Computer science is concerned with processing raw data to generate information or preferably knowledge. Change dynamics is one major area of research and applications that fascinated computer scientists and generated a huge literature studying the variables affecting any change studied. This area includes topics such as (among many others):

  • the social dynamics and behavior change,
  • economic dynamics,
  • music dynamics,
  • climate change,
  • and my least favorite: the language dynamics

Can we really study the dynamics that led to any revolution, or forecast its future? The complexity is high, because the dynamics of any change is on both sides: the pro-change and the anti-change. Modelling the change dynamics includes but not limited to the following:

  • deciding the variables, and their coefficients,
  • their time and space domains,
  • generating a model relating these variables and estimating their trends,
  • correlating variable to each other, and to the whole model

Since change dynamics is the topic, this post will be posted here at the time of publishing, but may be a few months or even years later will be fake authored by someone else using the exact wording or with slight paraphrasing.

Testing plagiarism and IP rights violations, have many tools available online, some of which are open source. Proving the true authors of ideas, proposals, or research outcomes have always been easy. However, stopping this illegal behavior require more then just the scientific proof. Justice is one variable in the social change dynamics in any society. The power of justice is the coefficient that measures its strength against the power of corruption. Measuring justice power can be achieved by counting the verdicts confirming with the announced laws vs. the disputed verdicts, and also counting the verdicts that was executed vs. those that failed to execute.

Other factor in this dynamics is the poverty of the fake authors. Intellectual poverty is more important than the financial poverty that led to the illegal violation looking for profits and promotions.

Another factor is the number of fake authors as opposed to the genuine authors in a given time or space. The more the fake authors, the less shameful the crime will be, and the weaker the justice power will be accordingly.

May be another factor is the national objectives of the whole region of space where the illegal offense have become popular. When people are tortured to barely survive with their basic daily needs, being genuine and ethical becomes a luxury that people can not afford.

External factors do exist in this dynamic model. Powers from other regions might be interested in the overall deterioration of another region, hence supporting fake authors (degrees, scholarships and funds) to popularize triviality and spread desperation among genuine authors, and halt development entirely.

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